May 29, 2018


In memory of our big Beautiful Bear "Brody" who we lost unexpectedly just before Christmas 2017. I wanted to do something and came up with cycling over 1000 miles at the same time raising funds for Newfoundland Welfare/Rescue. Would love to meet as many Newfs as possible on route, even if it means a few more miles.


Training has been going well, stalled a little the last couple of months due to work, but should be able to get out plenty during June, July and August. 

June 09, 2018

The Wonderful Yorkshire Wolds

Had a lovely ride out yesterday morning (9th June) up into the Yorkshire Wolds we are lucky to have such a beautiful area right on our door step and it's also great for hill training.

Not Long Now

Well 2 weeks to go, we drive down to Lands' End on Saturday 15th September, ready for a Sunday morning set off. 2,500 training miles completed with lots of hills included. I've done a few organised rides during June and July but most of the miles have been completed up and around the Yorkshire Wolds.

Really looking forward to getting started now and meeting loads of Newfs on route along with their owners

Off We Go, Almost

Well over 9 months of training, loads of miles loads of hills we are here, set off in 4 days for Land's End. The freezing rides in Dec-March have been forgotten by the fantastic weather we have had this summer, a little too warm at times. The local support we have had has been really great, from local firms to the Boot & Shoe pub and the Cinnamon Restaurant. We have Newfie meets on most days which I'm really looking forward to.  

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